Six Sigma

Changing an organizations culture can’t be done by selecting a few key individuals and imparting upon them deep knowledge in the operational excellence tools. Having Lean & Six Sigma knowledge on a broad scale if deployed properly and systematically can touch many more people and aid the organizations ability to realize rapid results (like the exponential spread of a disease!). Avior Group has designed a unique offering that is targeted at jump-starting change – right at the point where change has to happen, at the individual level.

When it comes to the real horsepower that creates broad change across an organization having full time dedicated resources trained in Lean and Six Sigma will enable you to have a layer in the process improvement infrastructure that drives process changes that produce rapid improvement and subsequently bottom line savings….you need these people…really…

Avior Group’s iPlus Lean Six Sigma program is designed to take those high potential candidates that have demonstrated that “get ‘er done” attitude and equip them with the skills and knowledge to take key business processes to a higher level of performance.

Certification requirements (comparable to the best programs available) include two completed projects with a bottom-line financial impact greater than the cost of the resources required to support the project, a completed organizational impact assessment, and a passing grade on the competency exam.

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